Company Law

Dear customers

In Al Saif Al Lamaa tradings, we are always keen in providing the best ways to reach the highest degree of confidence, credibility and satisfaction with the services we provide.

Accordingly, the guidance set out below is the basic points for the staff of the institution:

  1. It is not allowed to write  fake bills(imaginary) for the purpose of manipulation of prices or quantities.
  2. It is not allowed to replace or restore the "Valid" material, only in the presence of the invoice / customer direct "citizen" or plumbers and not accepting the others.
  3. We apologize for not accepting any kind of refund for the paints blended specifically for the customer through the our mixture machine.
  4. It is allowed to replace the "Undamaged" Ready-made paints with other paints or materials within 6 days from the date of the invoice (bring the original invoice for the replacement). The price will be calculated at the day of the replacement process.
  5. Other "Undamaged" Materials can be replaced (except paints) within 30 days from the  date of the invoice with the need to bring out the original invoice. The value will be calculated at the day in which the replacement process, not the invoice price (in the case of price change)
  6. It is not allowed to replace or retrieve "the special orders" because it is specially supplied According to the customer request
  7. The replacement process, for "Damaged Materials" depend of their insurance and according to conditions
  8. It is allowed to replace the money for retarn items in same day only .

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