Was opened and activate Al Saif Al lamaa marble and granite Factory to serve our valued customer Al Saif Al Lamaa Direct contact with Al Saif Al lamaa management, Oman Mobile 00968-95946699 Or UAE Mobile 00971-509333592 Al Saif Al Lamaa The arrival of Turkish products , sanitary ware and bathroom furniture Al Saif Al Lamaa Al Saif Al Lamaa Company was able to win tenders for large projects in the region through Techno products for PPR pipes and fittings Al Saif Al Lamaa follow us in social media accounts in twitter and Instagram @SAIFLBM

Al Saif Al lamaa Participated in the activities of the World Water Day

Al Saif Al lamaa Participated in the activities of the World Water Day

Al Saif al lamaa company participated in the activities of the World Water Day through the exhibition, which was organized in the commercial center of Lulu in coordination with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, in the governorate of Al Buraimi and the Directorate of Regional Municipalities and Water Department.

Where donated for Water Saving tools \\\" Aman\\\" and these were installed economizers in a local mosque as a prelude to raising the level of the culture of the community about the importance of working on the water supply and modern ways to reach the goal and published in the largest number of mosques in the region.

It is worth mentioning that Saving water safety are easy to install and simplicity of design and the possibility of installation on all types of mixers and faucets and the price is very low compared with the rate of water supply by up to 85 %, which is available in our company, where we know the importance of this product to maintain on the water , especially with the note significant waste in mosques and houses and others

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